The #britknitchallenge is a personal, non competitive challenge that encourages you to seek out and knit with British reared and processed yarns, direct from small farmers and smallholders in the UK.

The challenge is to knit with 12 different named breeds of British grown and processed yarns from small producers.


To encourage knitters to experience the variety of wool fibres that can be found locally in the UK.
To support British fibre providers – farmers and smallholders that raise the sheep.
To offer greater diversity to your knitting
To broaden your range of knitting skills with the challenge of different wool characteristics
To connect you to the sheep that provide the wool

To support rare and native sheep breeds.

To encourage sustainability by sourcing materials grown locally

To support the independent British wool economy

To support jobs and skill development in the independent British wool economy



Knit 12 projects, each with a different breed of native British mill spun wool produced by a small independent producer on the official suppliers list.
Avoid breeds that you already have experience of.

How much you knit of each breed is up to you but a minimum 50g is suggested.

For each breed of wool yarn, keep notes in your Brit Knit Challenge Diary.

At the end of the challenge you will have a valuable record of 12 British wool fibre yarns to use as a resource for future projects as well as a growing list of suppliers. If you prefer to download the diary you can find it here.
A Brit Knit Challenge Facebook group has been set up for those that are participating to share their discoveries, swap tips, recommend suppliers etc.


Share your adventure on social media using the hashtag #britknitchallenge.


Official Suppliers


The following suppliers are those whose yarns are eligible for use in the challenge. If you, or someone you know, produces yarn that you think is eligible please get in touch to be added to the list. There is no cost associated with being an official supplier.


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