Inclusivity & Accessibility


British Fibre Art Magazine strives to be an inclusive publication. We understand that having a diverse range of creative talent at the center of our content is crucial to making the magazine a welcoming space. We are committed to the pursuit of equality, equity and representation, and we ensure our contributors agree that hate has no place at our magazine. 

We will only publish garments that are deisgned to be at minimum 32” to 64” chest measurement. 

We will publish an low vision accessible version and a screen reader friendly version of the digital editions. 

If you feel there is anything we can do to make the magazine more inclusive please let us know, we are always here with open ears!


For every issue we will create low vision accessible and screen reader versions of the magazine. These will be available to download alongside the standard digital version.


These versions can be helpful for people including those with no or partial sight, processing disorders, or dyslexia.



Low Vision Accessible


The text in this version is Arial, 24pt, black, with no italics. 

Photos, illustrations, schematics and charts are enlarged. 

The large text makes the PDF very long (over 300 pages). To help, the contents page is modified to reflect where each article or pattern is in the magazine.


Screen Reader 


This version has been specially formatted to be read by screen reader software. 

The font style and charts are the same as in the LVA version. 

Some instructions and wordings have been reworded or re-formatted.