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The Ugly Duckling - part III

'The UGLY DUCKLING' - 3rd and final part .

by Sue Shaw


For me, the joy of this renovation project has been in the painting of the wheel. Using a limited colour palette and taking inspiration from Folk Art styles, the final floral flourishes were my contribution. ........

The cherry on the icing on the cake, would ultimately be if the wheel would spin fleece into yarn. Jennie Howes, Professional hand spinner of natural fibre yarns, very kindly came over to Wooler, to give the wheel it's Road Test.

(Jennie runs her own studio and has a successful history of International sales, as well as demonstrating her immense skills in France, Denmark and the Netherlands.)

With a few final adjustments by 'the Wheel Doctor', Steve Douglas, the wheel began to fly and produced it's first skein of yarn, in many a year. ........

This whole project has been about raising funds to support charities, with all proceeds going directly to the 2 chosen charities. This year has been a major downfall to the funding of charities, particularly when many of them are usually self-funded through public events throughout the year.

The Spinning wheel is now SOLD. 😊 ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO:-

Hay Farm Heavy Horse Centre The only RBST approved conservation centre dedicated to preserving Heavy Horses. We are a registered charity located in Northumberland. 'We have been advised that we WILL NOT receive any government funding or grants as we are being classed as a farm even though we have no farmland or receive any government subsidies.' For further details, click on the following link:-

Aughton Ainsworth International Foundation. 'Nobody is paid a salary. Any money donated is used directly to support the orphanage that we built in Uganda.' For further details, click on the following link:-

To simplify any transactions, genuine interest and offers for the wheel, should be addressed through me at or by messaging me. I will then forward payment to both charities, directly, and we can organise delivery. .......

Finally, I would like to give my thanks and gratitude to everyone who has freely given of their time, knowledge, skills and encouragement, in making this project work.

Jennie Howes has offered to answer any technical questions regarding the wheel, and can be contacted at , or you might wish to meet her at 'Jennie's Wool Studio', 48 Bridge Street, Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Filmed at Gallery@No.6, High Street, Wooler, Northumberland.

•Spinning wheel demo by Jennie Howes - •Filming/video and 'Wheel Doctor' - Steve Douglas - •Best boy - Sue Shaw -

Thanks to the following contributors to the project:- Rainy Williamson Doug Blakey & Phil Keay (Wooler skills workshop) Les Wilson Rod Grant Kath Maley

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