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#verybritishwoolweek 29th Aug - 5th Sept 2020

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Very British Wool week is an online event that aims to raise awareness of the benefits of wool that has never left the UK during any part of its production, and of those independent producers who rear the sheep and produce the finished products.

It’s about differentiating producers from all of the imported ‘British wool’ products and educating consumers about the environmental, ethical and economic benefits associated with wonderful woolly truly UK made products.

Wool consumers often have no idea that a product labelled as ‘British wool’ might have travelled half way around the world and back before it landed in their hands. They have no idea that it might have been part of very dubious environmental practices which pollute the oceans. They have no idea that people, and in some cases children, are worked

in very poor conditions in order to produce that product. Truly UK wool producers offer a ‘very British wool’ product, with a much reduced environmental impact, that supports local employment, maintains the local skill base and inputs into the local economy.

#verybritishwoolweek aims to help you to find them!

If you are a small producer or maker and would like to learn more about making the most of your product, why not take a look at one of my online workshops ?

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