• Rainy Williamson

Virtual Fibre Marketplace

Its heartbreaking to hear about the numerous yarn and fibre shows that are being cancelled here in the UK due to the Corona Virus. So much time and effort [not to mention money] will be lost by both the event organisers and vendors. Visitors look forward to these events for many months, not only to do their fibre shopping but also to meet up with friends and chat all things woolly.

For many vendors, these events are their main source of income and most will have spent weeks preparing stock, dyeing yarn, bagging up fibre etc ready for eager shoppers.

To offer support to the small businesses in the UK fibre world, I've organised a fibre event that the Corona Virus can't hijack - a Virtual Fibre Marketplace.

The #virtualfibremarketplace will be held in the British Fibre Art Facebook group on the 28th & 29th of

March with additional posts on the @3535press instagram and twitter accounts and of course on the vendors own social medial and online shops.

I hope you can support the virtual fibre marketplace, either by buying from the vendors or simply by sharing social media posts. The vendors do not have to pay to take part.

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